Before you buy

You can freely combine all products and services in our shop. We do not need any data from the cards, as we assign them to you when we collect them.

You can always find all trading cards that we can currently rate for all products in the shop or at Things to know / Maps & Series.

After you have completed your order, you will receive an e-mail from us with the order confirmation. From this moment your order is recorded in our system.

In the order confirmation you will find our address to send your cards to us, recommendations for shipping and other useful information.

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Please note when shipping to us

For easier assignment of your shipment, please enclose your order number or write it on your shipment.

Please also make sure that no other private data, such as address or real names, are contained inside your shipment and try to keep your shipment as small as possible, avoid unnecessary filling and use as little or no tape or other sticky products.

In this YouTube video you will find additional useful information.

Shipping Address

Please send your cards directly to our logistics location:

Absolute Objective GmbH & Co. KG
Reichswaldstraße 52
DE-90571 Schwaig
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If you have sent your shipment to the address in our imprint, don't worry, all service providers know about it and we will also reroute parcels and letters accordingly if they reach us at other addresses.

Which transport service provider should I choose?

We have very reliable suppliers and can therefore recommend all common service providers without hesitation. When shipping to us, just make sure to always send your trading cards with tracking so that you have the appropriate documentation for claims in the event of loss.


As soon as your package arrives, the transport service provider will immediately check it for external damage and, if necessary, object to it.

You will immediately receive an e-mail from us that your cards have arrived are.

We will then store your package in our secure storage area until it is processed. Your package and the trading cards it contains are also insured with us from the time they are handed over.

View, Removal & Recording

We open your package and remove the cards for our processing. We film the entire process step and then make it available to you on YouTube.

We make sure that no personal data (names, addresses, etc.) are included in the video material. You can decide for yourself whether and with whom you want to share this video.

We then carefully clean your cards with compressed air to remove any particles that are on the front and back (dust, hair , fluff, shipping material etc.). This does not affect the condition of the card in any way.

Then it is recorded in our system. From this point on, your trading cards are linked to a serial number and all other data that is subsequently recorded can be tracked in our system (including by you) in real time.

How should you best protect your cards?

We recommend simply sleeve the cards (penny sleeves) and use a top loader or card saver for each card. After our processing, we will send you back all clean and not glued toploaders or card savers.

Please do not glue your cards, toploaders or card savers with paper, cardboard or other filling materials. In the simplest case, you can use cling film, ziplock bags or resealable bags instead to optimally protect your cards from slipping or other damage during shipping.

Assessment & Protection

The data from your trading cards from the collection is now automatically analyzed and categorized by our image recognition software. Following the digital pre-recording, all results of each trading card are always checked and validated by our specialists with many years of experience in the respective subject area.

Your trading cards are then placed in a protective plastic case with the utmost care in a protected and separate area. From this point on, your collector's item is protected from all external influences.

Our Cases  meet the highest demands in terms of scratch and impact resistance, UV resistance, quality and feel. In addition, they are absolutely tamper-proof and can only be forced open and not closed again.

Packaging & Shipping

We pack each product individually in case bags and bubble wrap. From 3 or more tickets also in an individual and specially padded box. Packed in this way, your cards and cases are optimally protected during transport to you. You can also reuse the packaging.

Finally, we hand over your order to our shipping service provider DHL. You can choose different shipping and insurance options when you place your order.