What is the difference between PRISTINE 10 and Black Label?

AOG PRISTINE Black Labels receive cards that are in perfect condition, i.e. have a score of 100 in all 8 subgrades.

Additionally, cards that have slight deductions (99 and 98 calculated total scores) also receive a PRISTINE label of 10 in our standard label format for all ratings.

What is the weight of the individual subgrades?

Total centering 18%
(Centering front 100%, centering back 70%)

Surface total 32%
(Surface Front 100%, Surface Back 70%)

Edges total 25%
(Edges Front 70%, Edges Back 100%)

Corners total 25%
(corners front 70%, corners back 100%)

Can trading cards from other TCGs/OCGs be rated?

We have all trading cards that you can use our services for for you on our page » What can I submit? « summarized. We are working under high pressure on the inclusion of further TCGs/OCGs and the product development of the corresponding AOG slabs.

Can I submit custom cards?

We only offer our services for original products. We do not evaluate or authenticate any custom cards, whether purchased or self-made. For our service, we offer authentication for modified trading cards. The basis must be an original product. The card may be changed by a maximum of 50% on one of the two sides, the original motif must still be recognizable. It is not possible for us to rate these cards.

Is it possible to exchange boosters from bundles afterwards?

Unfortunately, once the order has been placed, we can no longer change the content of an order that contains boosters from bundle offers. We plan our purchases and availability accordingly in order to always be able to offer you the best prices.

Dealing with misprints / misproduction

In all of our services, incorrectly produced cards are given the addition (MP) for misprint/misproduction in the label. This includes printing errors ≥ 100 points deduction, crimps (packaging-related indentations) and misprints. Other surface deductions, such as scratches, kinks or dirt, do not count as misprint/misproduction.

The subgrade surface is not included in the calculation of the overall rating of a (MP) trading card.

Dealing with centering deviations / off-center / miscut

If the centering on the front or back has a value of ≤ 50 points, the card is given the subtype "Offcenter (OC)", if it has a value of ≤ 10 points it is "Miscut (MC)". In this case, the subgrade is not included in the assessment.

Cards that do not have their standard format (missing corner, slanting cut edges) will not be assessed, but can be submitted via our Authentication service.