Professionelle Zustandsbewertung von Sammelkarten unter höchsten Anforderungen an Objektivität, Transparenz und Sicherheit.


Professionelle Zustandsbewertung von Sammelkarten unter höchsten Anforderungen an Objektivität, Transparenz und Sicherheit.

Professionelle Zustandsbewertung von Sammelkarten unter höchsten Anforderungen an Objektivität, Transparenz und Sicherheit.


Wir behandeln jede Sammelkarte wie unsere eigenen. Unsere Beurteilung ist hochobjektiv, transparent und nachvollziehbar.

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AOG - Zustandsbewertung von Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Sammelkarten, alle Sprachen, alle Serien


All languages, all series

AOG - Zustandsbewertung von One Piece Card Game Sammelkarten, alle Sprachen, alle Serien

One Piece

All languages, all series


Der Gesamtprozess der Zustandsbewertung von Sammelkarten, 
perfekt auf deine Bedürfnisse abgestimmt.

AOG Illustration Icon Cases


Exclusively produced cases.
Designed & Made in Germany.
Absolute counterfeit protection with an incomparable look and feel.

AOG Illustration Icon Objektivität


Highly objective assessment method supported by artificial intelligence with additional validation by specialists.

AOG Illustration Icon Transparenz


Our evaluation criteria up to the calculation of the overall evaluation are completely comprehensible.

AOG Illustration Icon Analog & Digital

Analog & Digital

By far the most detailed verification worldwide with high-resolution images of the original card and an integrated pop report.

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€125,00 €120,00
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€3,90 €2,90
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€6,90 €5,90
AOG Pokémon Karte, 1st Edition Glurak Basis Set deutsch, Gewährleistung möglichst hoher Objektivität, beispielhafte Darstellung,

Absolute Objektivität

As the first grading company in the world, we use image recognition and artificial intelligence to evaluate your trading cards right from the start.

Through our self-developed, digital process automation, we enable you to use a highly objective evaluation method.< /p>

Following the digital pre-recording, all results of each trading card are always checked and validated by our specialists with many years of experience in the respective subject area.

AOG Pokémon Karte, VMAX Climax Galar Friends, Gewährleistung möglichst hoher Transparenz, beispielhafte Darstellung

Absolute Transparenz

Each rating always includes high-resolution images of the trading card and all subgrades, including a detailed description of all defects. Out of the box, no additional options.

We make all information, including all subcategories, freely accessible via our digital AOG Services Verification.

In this way, we guarantee absolute transparency and complete documentation of the status at all times your trading cards.

Dafür stehen wir als Unternehmen

AOG Illustration Icon Erfahrung


We offer you our high standards of protection, preservation and value retention for your trading cards.

We are collectors for many years.

AOG Illustration Icon Leidenschaft


We see trading cards as special memories
that we want to preserve as best we can.

AOG Illustration Icon Vertrauen


We treat each of your trading cards as our own. Our assessment is highly objective, transparent and comprehensible.

Professional, reliable and secure.


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A little feedback

"I really like the process of the submission. Always knowing the status of things is just perfect. The short waiting time and the packaging were great.
The quality of the cases is breathtakingly good."< /p>

— Sebastian K.

Simply delighted

"Our expectations were once again exceeded by AOG! Whether price, performance or speed, everything just fits 🔥😱
Thank you very much for that ❤️
After the grading is before the grading 😉

— IG fanki_cardz


"You guys are amazing. I hope that you will become one of the best and largest grading companies in Europe. You definitely have the potential for it. 🔥🔥🔥👍👍"

— IG michael_hable_91


"Well, the photos turned out really well @absoluteobjective you're improving from week to week 😍"

— IG blcklst


"Our submitted cards came back from AOG 🔥
The excitement grew from card to card as we unwrapped it.
It was like a second birthday in the year 🎂"

— IG fanki_cardz


"AOG just does a fantastic job. Wouldn't be surprised if that's the future. I've got 4 Pristine 10s now and they just look classy!"

— YT fabio.polar

Very cool

"(...) I'm absolutely satisfied with the service so far. The cases are the be-all and end-all for me and the absolute plus is the pop report. 8 cards graded so far, Umbreon Vmax 9.5 the top card so far, and more many more will follow 🙌🏼"

— YT Sebastian M.